Why Did I Start?

There are many reasons why. The main one being I always wanted to be like the best YouTubers, always wanted to make videos. I was the same throughout highs school.

I even took a subject that allowed me to make film. 

Podcast Is The Subject

Starting a podcast seems easy but let me tell you something/ It’s not easy at all! Sticking to a schedule is hard! I have tried to do it a few times now and i think i have the hang of doing it.

I have a few tips to help you with your own podcast and i will tell some personal stories to help you avoid them or to use them.

Stating A Blog

Being one myself i feel like i can comment and explore a few different ways to starting this new exciting adventure.

The way that I started my blog was by my friend…. Yes my friend. He owns his own server so creating my own website for me to do anything was easier then anything before.