Why Did I Start?

There are many reasons why. The main one being I always wanted to be like the best YouTubers, always wanted to make videos. I was the same throughout highs school.

I even took a subject that allowed me to make film.

Before I get into everything straight away i will give you a background on everything leading up until current day.

I was young and me and my friend (Ben) decided to make a YouTube channel under the name of CallOfDuty69er’s! Yes I know cringe. We were young so we thought that was a boss name to have loads of people would see it… We were very wrong.

After making that channel we made out video on Ben’s laptop with face-cam and we made a video on Call of Duty Zombies… Go figure. At the time we though it was the best thing we had ever done.. After many years we realized how funny it was and how bad it was at the same time and swiftly had that channel closed.

Shortly after that, I made a channel called SlothAR. No idea where I got the name from I just liked it and thought lets give it ago. This was what I class as a channel I really tried to upload all the time. Young Josh didn’t realize that there are people in high school out to get you and them types of people don’t care if it hurts you or not. 

After people found my channel the game was over all my hard work was gone as I basically deleted that channel from, the amount of backlash I got from certain individuals that thought it was acceptable. 

As i got a bit older i still have the nack for wanting to make videos. I got to an age where I didn’t care what anyone thought and just started to make videos again with my friends. This was the joint channel that we had called Atomic Clan.

I’m not going to lie that channel was so much fun we would all game together and make videos together. As well of making our own videos it was so much fun. You can actually find that channel still to this day. We all stopped uploading on that channel a while ago so there is really no point to go over to it.

Fast froward a few years and here i am today. I have my own channel and i don’t care who watches the videos. People from my school watch them even though I don’t go to school anymore.(Finished about 2 and half years ago)

I Stopped uploading on my channel and really only uploaded every month and I only did it when i could be bothered to do it or had a good idea. Now I’m going to start to upload Every Monday,Wednesday, Friday and, maybe a bonus on a Sunday ;). I have found something I like to do and that is Try Not To challenges! So much fun doing them and it doesn’t take a month to plan! 

I have already got one of that type of videos uploaded and I have another ready to upload so, so far I’m on the right track! 

I’m going to make sure I stick to this channel as i have had it a while and I really just want to make videos and upload them its basically like a hobby for me that’s super  enjoyable for me! Now we all know people try to get into YouTube for the money but your never going to make it! You have to want to make videos and have a passion to record and edit them.

At one point I made a fiver gig where I would edit people videos for FREE yes for FREE and that’s the type of website where you sell your skills but I just wanted to grow my editing side of my skills. 

When you first start YouTube don’t be disheartened if you don’t get results. YouTube is massive! I would recommend  you read some articles on how much traffic YouTube gets in a daily aspect. It’s truly amazing!

Make sure you stick at it if you really want to make videos and remember to consistently upload! YouTube really likes it if you do that.